A Trio of Tony’s Trainers – One Time Only Event

It’s an extremely rare occasion when the YES Group London can offer the stage to three people who have proved themselves to be of the highest quality to be selected and qualified as official trainers with Tony Robbins. But that is what we can do on Wednesday 28 October.

Taking to our stage will be Mehul Bakrania, Linda Thomson and Rich Waterman!

Mehul Bakrania, is a Manager in the Human Capital Consulting practice of Deloitte in London working predominantly in Public Sector, mainly local government and Policing. He does 4 to 5 events a year all over the world, Mehul now focuses solely on leading the Alumni stream at the Global Youth Leadership Programme, part of the Anthony Robbins Foundation. Mehul went to a London UPW in March 2004 and has been a member of the Tony Robbins environment since then, completing Mastery University in 2006 and being promoted to Trainer in March 2007.

He will share: State, Story, Strategy – Your 3 Keys To Success!

Linda Thomson has been in the Robbins environment for more than 12 years. Before completing leadership, she was invited to train in production and found herself all over the world managing events for Tony. As well as being a Robbins Trainer, she works with disadvantaged people helping them develop skills to get back into work. Prior to that, she worked with numerous charities across the UK and Ireland, training other people to help people.

She will share: TBA

Rich Waterman, went to a London UPW in February 2006 and has been a member of the Tony Robbins environment since then, completing Mastery University in 2007 and being promoted to Trainer in December 2012. A former investment banker, who left to pursue more philanthropic interests, is an entrepreneur with fifteen years of experience running his own businesses. He is an international speaker and one of the UK’s leading experts on how to create a success mindset.

He will share: What If You Were The Difference… Today?


We’d love to see anyone who has attended Unleash the Power Within (UPW) in the past, or the other advanced Tony Robbins courses to catch up with their old friends. We’d also love to see those who have never been to a UPW or Tony Robbins event to get the experience of what attending one would be like.