A brief History of The YES Group, where YES stands for Your Excellence Succeeds!

After the first inspirational Tony Robbins UPW event in the UK, Karl Pearsall arrived home and decided to invite some of the people he connected with to form a peer group committed to discovering new way of thinking for success. They met in a film studio in Camden London, it became a regular monthly meeting all the way back in 1993 that still takes place. This was before websites and social media it was ‘underground’ and in some ways a secret as the mainstream were very negative and disdainful about the idea of self development – more the area of snake skin oil salesman. No meat! Coaching? What’s that?


Today YES Group is a global movement and in London it leads for not just Tony fans but also anyone wanting to apply life hacks, success principles and strategies for happiness, health and wealth. From a handful of people it grew and grew with at its height had 1000 people on a single night. Today in London numbers are approximately 200 people on the last Wednesday of the month. Over time, people said, I would love the YES Group in my city. And that is why YES Group worldwide was created.

Previous speakers include Bob Proctor (of ‘The Secret’ fame), Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul), John Grindler (co-founder of NLP), Joseph McClendon (Tony’s right-hand man), Jairek Robbins, Eric Edmeades, Joe Dispenzer, Dan Millman (the way of the peaceful warrior), Jason Vale, John DeMartini, Robert Holden, David Hamilton, Allan Kleynhans, Brian Mayne, Mac Attram,  Harry Singha, Paul Scheele (photoreading), to name a few of our high profile speakers.

London being a transient work location with so many people from around the world They also decided that they wanted the same for their city. Satellite YES Groups started. Initially all over the UK and then in other countries as well, in fact on every continent. Tony Robbins talks about having a like-minded peer group – a seventh power for success – you have found it!

Always seeking to deliver a WOW event. The YES Group encompasses all personal development genres. Our current thinking is based on ‘How do we build a 21st-century mindset for success in ever faster changing environment?’.

What we do is inspirational and educational events

YES Group’s typically hold monthly events that create an excellent space for learning within a supportive network. Typically we have one, two or sometimes three presenters or facilitators, often the third is someone from our community, unlikely that one of the other two has at some time in the past been part of our community for example

Harry Singha

Eric Edmeades

Mac Attram

The YES Group London was the first of these groups and has been holding events every month for almost 25 years.

This is because we have become a leadership organisation. What this means is that we promote and train up people to fulfil the different voluntary roles.


Tony Robbins advocates community contribution and to that end each of the YES Group’s also participate in a variety of social projects including Basket Brigade which has the members collect and distribute food to families in need during the winter holidays.

About this site

To enable the YES Group to fulfil its potential, this site will develop both a global community and serve as a portal for new YES Group’s

‘Thank you for your support’ Karl Pearsall founder

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