August 2015 is Ex-Chair’s Night!

It’s a rare occasion these days when we get to learn from a leader, so how would you like to learn from two leaders in just one night?

That’s what we can offer you for our August live event. Two of those who have held the position of chair of the London YES Group and have gone on to do amazing things in the world will be sharing the stage. They have gone on to be world leaders in their field and we are very lucky to have secured them both for one date.

Our speakers are Mac Attram and Peter Sage.


Mac is a multi-award winning serial entrepreneur, investor, author of two books and a leading Business Mentor. In his talk entitled “The Inspired Warrior’s Way” he will share the 7 universal principles to live a great life. He will help you to discover how to become unstoppable and create the life you truly desire. Having trained for over 30 years in Martial Arts he has used this to stay focused and disciplined; a trait he takes into all areas of his life including business.
 Mac’s mission is to educate, inspire and empower people all over the world to live a life of joy, courage, passion and purpose that totally aligns with the YES Group London values.




sage014Peter is a serial entrepreneur, human behaviour expert and Tony Robbins trainer. In his talk entitled “What does it take to live the life of an enlightened entrepreneur”, Peter will unlock the key on how to enter the world of the successful and fulfilled entrepreneurs. He will share insights that few people have ever discovered. He is well known for giving practical, actionable advice that gets immediate results, as well as ideas and philosophy that are guaranteed to expand your mind. He now lives overseas so don’t miss this rare chance to see Peter live on stage at the YES Group London where his talk will take you on a journey you will never forget!