Blue Marsden

Blue Marsden is a teacher of contemporary counselling, healing and spirituality who has blended a lifelong study of ancient esoteric methods with a degree in Philosophy and an MA in Psychoanalysis. He is founder of Holistic Healing College London and also The London School of Chi Kung and responsible for creating a unique training programme that certifies counsellors (with healing skills) internationally.

During the 1990s Blue pioneered creative uses of Hypnotherapy to help performers and creatives and his worked featured on national radio (with the late John Peel), national newspapers such as the Guardian and Independent and he has also appeared on Sky TV talking about consciousness and spirituality.

Blue will be introducing you to the Soul Plan system which is an ancient system of ‘Life Purpose’ and ‘Spiritual Profiling’ which has been rediscovered and modernised as a therapeutic and coaching tool.

During the talk he will explain the kind of practical information it is possible to discover and how this reveals your deeper essence and life journey. He will also describe how this method is an invaluable tool which can greatly enhance any coaching or therapy practise. The talk will include a demonstration with a volunteer.

  • introduce you to a life changing system that will be easy to follow up
  • prize draw of a Soul Plan session with Blue worth £150
  • come away with a clearer idea of why the vibration of your name and the intention of naming e.g. businesses or products has a major impact
  • a complementary personal Soul Plan (for members) mini keyword report delivered by email which will give you some indicators, of basic Challenges, Talents and Goals specific to you as well as some helpful affirmations