Brian Mayne

Founder of goal mapping Brian Mayne is an inspirational speaker, author and trainer. He taught himself to read and write at the age of thirty and has travelled a path that has led from gypsy origins through to high level corporate training and personal development. His company Has over 1000 facilitators of his work worldwide.

Brian Mayne created Goal Mapping in 1995. an inspirational speaker, author and leader on the science of positive thinking and goal achievement. He travels the world delivering his simple yet profound messages – and where Brian goes, the headlines follow.

Life Mapping is a unique personal empowerment system created to help you find your prime purpose in life and be your very best in all that you do.

Life Mapping is simple yet extremely powerful. For 20 years it has been helping people to bring out their inner brilliance and develop their winning ways of being in business, education, sports, wellbeing or areas of their personal lives.

Using a unique combination of words and pictures Life Mapping helps to activate your whole-brain. It powerfully influences your subconscious mind to inspire you to be your best, do your best and have your best results.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have created a vivid visual map – your personal Life Map – that will enable you to embrace change and integrate all aspects of your potential into one balanced and powerful whole.

View this Life Map for a few moments every day and you will strengthen the command to your subconscious, increase your self-confidence, raise your self-esteem and boost your self-belief.

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