Dr Joanna Martin

Joanna Martin- Lifestyle Design Specialist

Our speaker for the 25th is no stranger to the small business. She took her own business from stand still to half a million dollars in 3 months and to 7 figures, and in two countries, in just 12 months.

Who would like to make half a million in three months, AND maintain a FABULOUS lifestyle?

Well, you’re in the right place.

  • Dr Joanna Martin is author of “The Lifestyle Shift” and has spoken to over 55,000 people on three different continents
  • She has worked with big Australian companies such as ANZ Bank and Fairfax publishing, as well as global organisations like EBay

And she’s here on the 25th to take you through the simple steps you need to create your own “Ultimate Lifestyle Business”, so that you can escape the daily grind, make more money and live life on your terms.

So attend and listen very carefully as Joanna takes you through how to go from frantic to freedom in five easy steps.

Dr Joanna Martin (Lifestyle Design)

Dr Joanna Martin is an internationally acclaimed speaker and sought-after educator . She is widely regarded as a Lifestyle Design Specialist.

She started her working life as a medical doctor, then an actor before launching her career as a speaker.  She now runs what she calls “The Ultimate Lifestyle Business”.

Spend more than a moment with Joanna and you will never forget her! She is one of the most entertaining speakers in the field of entrepreneurialism and personal development. She was trained at the prestigious “Actors Centre Australia”, where other alumni include Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. And it is her odd mix of being intelligent enough to pull off first class honours in medicine combined with her irreverent performer’s attitude that make her presentations and interviews truly unique and life-changing. She brings a quirky and feminine approach to an industry dominated by men.

Joanna’s corporate clients include ANZ Bank, Fairfax Publishing and eBay; and her students include successful 7-figure speakers such as:

  • Daryl Grant
  • Ben Angel
  • Peter Thomson
  • John Lee
  • Paul Avins
  • Caroline Marsh
  • Simon Coulson
  • Simon Zutshi

and numerous publicly recognised clients who prefer to keep their work with Joanna confidential.

Now based between London and Melbourne, she trains entrepreneurs and professional women in lifestyle design, entrepreneurship and presentation skills. With her partner Greg, through their business, Shift Lifestyle they provide strategy and support for business owners who want to join the “Lifestyle Revolution” and build a life, not just a living.