Gary King

981604_10151480159053182_1383862522_oGary King is an outstanding role model for those of us searching for honesty, integrity, forgiveness, peace and health.  These qualities Gary gave to himself after years of heart breaking tragedies and challenges that ultimately lead him to The Power of Truth ™.

Until 1986, Gary lived a basically honest life.  He had a series of intriguing careers – service in the Navy; a marine engineer; a noted artist and sculptor ; VP of Sales and Marketing in the television industry, Major Event Producer of festivals, motor sports and  charity events.…his lifestyle had afforded him the opportunity to travel the world…..however, his basically honest life was also filled with pain.  With every success came tragedy in its wake.  He experienced guilt over the estrangement from his father, failed marital and personal relationships, cancer, having his daughter taken from him only to realize through a paternity test that he was not her father. The death of a five year old boy whom he hit with his vehicle after the boy had ran from his mother crossing a busy street.

Gary found himself considering suicide; weak, broken and lost he had a near-death experience. This experience created a major shift in consciousness that resulted in Gary reading hundreds of books on spirituality, quantum physics, metaphysics and personal growth. He realized that his near-death experience left him with the inability to lie.  Truth and integrity were a vital source of his existence. Confused and still broken, a close friend eventually took Gary to a Tony Robbins event which changed his life forever and led to a sub-contractor position with Anthony Robbins Companies where he has spent the last 15 years serving in roles ranging from Director of Security to his current position as Road Manager.

Gary knows his past experiences are true blessings that have led him where he is today.  As a speaker, author, life-coach and mentor, for the last four years Gary has traveled internationally talking about his belief in The Power of Truth ™.  He has talked to thousands of people from all ages and walks of life and has received overwhelming enthusiasm for his message at every stop.  The many testimonials he has received proves that “We cannot lie to ourselves and others, without it having an effect on our exterior personal lives, but also at a cellular level”.