Harun Rabbani – Living from the Heart

Harun Rabbani is an award-winning trainer, mentor and broadcaster. After a major breakdown in his life in 2013, Harun entered a healing journey that transformed his life beyond recognition. It was then that Harun began facilitating healing for friends and clients who he attracted in droves because they wanted to address their deepest traumas and challenges. These ranged from relationship issues to chronic health conditions, financial blockages and business/career challenges.

Harun is the CEO of UnTangled Living Media, which includes Internet radio, video and television production. He is the author of “Shattering the Grandest Illusions” and has been delivering transformational experiences since 1998. During the course of his broadcasting career, Harun has interviewed teachers in the field of consciousness such as Dr John Gray, Arielle Ford, Andrew Harvey, Dr David R. Hawkins, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Joe Dispenza, Nassim Haramein, Lindsay Wagner, Dr David Hamilton plus and many more.

He will be sharing with us the tools needed to kick-start an epic journey from our heads to our hearts AND become a magnet to abundant living.

Whether you wish to enjoy better health, become financially abundant, supercharge your career, find your soulmate or fast track your personal evolution, then make sure you join us on 30 September to hear from Harun.

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