Jean Pierre De Villiers

Jean Pierre De Villiers, or ‘JP’ to his friends and clients, is the founder of JPDV Global. Jean Pierre is a Peak Performance Coach, Author and Speaker who helps people to build and maintain a bulletproof mind and body by applying strategies that reshape their psychology and physiology. JP counts the likes of Sam Claflin (personally trained him for the Pirates of the Caribbean and Snow White and the Huntsman), James Cracknell, Kerry Ellis, Javine Hylton, Sabrina Washington, and many more as clients.

Born in South Africa in 1981, JP got into sports from a young age and at just eight years old, competed in his first cycling race. Up until fourteen, JP immersed himself in every sport he could participate in including; rugby, surfing, roller hockey, football and baseball, but coming from an unprivileged background meant JP always felt he wasn’t “good enough” and was consistently bullied for being financially disadvantaged. JP then further used sports as a way to deflect his unhappiness and at nineteen years old, became a semi-professional cyclist in Cape Town.

At twenty years old, JP decided to pursue another passion of his, music, and after studying music production he moved to London, a city he now calls home. Through his music studies and his persistence to ‘make it’, JP became a full-time DJ within 2 years, but his success in the music industry quickly became his downfall. JP felt that although his lifestyle was a celebration of hedonism, core parts of his life were not how he wanted to live, he was unhealthy and discontent, both in body and in mind and having his father commit suicide when he was just thirteen years old as a result of living an unbalanced, unhealthy and unhappy life, also contributed largely to JP seeking a healthy sustainable change. JP decided to go back to what he knew he loved and what served him – health.

After his stint as a successful DJ, JP started working in the health and fitness industry and within 2 years was asked to run one of London’s biggest fitness centres, but turned it down as he knew this wouldn’t fulfil him and that he was destined for something greater. For the first time in his life he felt like he could achieve anything. He had made significant positive changes in his life and now wanted to help other people do the same, with a more personable approach, and by 2007 JP became a qualified personal trainer, set up his own company and set out to help people in the best way he knew how.

JPDV Global, for the past three years, has seen its revenue double and at present, is set to become a seven figure business, JP has also launched multiple products and services through his company due to a high demand from his clients. JPDV is also well known as one of the only health and fitness companies that provide personal coaching programmes for successful business and high profile people, personally tailored by JP himself.

Additionally, JP has won numerous business awards including Entrevo’s ‘Key Person of Influence’, whilst narrowly missing out on being voted ‘Health Coach of The Year’ twice in a row at the 2013 & 2014 APCTC Awards (Association of Professional Coaches Trainers and Consultants) – JP was the finalist for this award both years. In 2012, JP was asked to be a fitness model by W Athletic and still continues working with them. JP is also an ambassador for JST Nutrition.

Due to all of these achievements, JP is also a recognised inspirational speaker, having spoken over 50 times both in the UK and internationally, JP is also a professional Muay Thai fighter and has fought in London and Thailand which lead to JP also running fitness retreats in Thailand which are now all fully booked. He is also qualified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, sports psychology, personal coaching and has many other health and fitness related qualifications.

JP is the published author of ’77 Ways to Reshape Your Life’, has a series of eBooks and has either written for or been featured in national publications including; The Financial Times, Zest and Mail Online. Additionally, JP has also provided training for the Facejacker TV series and James Cracknell (double Olympic Gold Medalist) in the most recent Duracell commercial, he has also most recently been appointed as the Health and Fitness editor for the newly launched My London Lifestyle magazine, which will be available from August 22nd 2013.