JudyMay Murphy

Judymay Murphy

Judymay Murphy is an International success coach, speaker and author. She has appeared on numerous television stations worldwide including BBC and Sky News (UK), ABC, NBC, CBS, Time Warner, Fox and WB (USA) as a guest on numerous shows such as Fox News, Sonoran Living and Good Morning Texas. On radio she is a regular on BBC London, RTE in Ireland, and Lite FM in New York. She has been interviewed for and written for publications including Huffington Post, New Woman and Quick and Simple (USA), and The Guardian, The Times, In Style, Cosmopolitan and GQ (UK).

Judymay has seven books published in 28 countries, including two self-help books for adults, ‘Your Life Only A Gazillion Times Better,’ and ‘Sleeping Your Way To Success,’ with a new one due out next year. She also has a series of successful self-help novels for teens.

She can be heard regularly speaking for the Learning Annex in the USA, and was part of the Wealth Expo tour with other speakers including Tony Robbins and Donald Trump. These days she is a sought after coach for coaches, regularly speaking to audiences of over 2,000 life coaches and experts. Judymay is known for her ability to transform people by turning around problems that have been persistently causing them trouble often since childhood.

In short, she makes your dreams come true so you get to live your best life possible.

Her Talk Title:

This talk from this International Speaker, Supercoach and Author will be about three things:
1.        1. Unblocking the road,
2.        2. Setting the destination, and
3.        3. Powering your engines.

Judymay Murphy does NOT mess around, she talks straight. What she tells you makes sense and she gets you there. Her reputation is based on the insanely amazing results her clients get.

All this to ensure that you are not just leading a lovely life, but a LEGENDARY LIFE, a life that will astonish you and those around you. IT STARTS HERE. Be prepared to be challenged and held to a much higher standard than anyone has ever expected of you before now.

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