The mission of the YES Group worldwide is:

‘A world where everyone has access to a peer group that inspires them to grow and contribute’.

The purpose of this site is to provide an always on environment for you to achieve your goals, and even more importantly for you to transform your life and overcome your perceived limitations to fulfil your potential to become the best you!

Discover new ways of thinking and meet people on a similar journey, people who you can learn from and share resources and ideas with.

Through this platform we will create the networks, the events, and the funding to send our facilitators and ambassadors where personal development and learning new ways of thinking are most important

We are an outstanding community of optimistic and motivated people who are seeking to get the most from our lives. Our events are fun, informative, inspiring and empowering. Our promise to you is a warm welcome to a fun, friendly and supportive peer group with inspiring, educational and life-changing events. Set up a user profile to get some tools and resources today – it’s FREE.

We will be endorsing content.

Help us share new thinking skills aka personal development to all parts of the globe especially where it is needed most.

Our intention is to subsidise our ambassador presenters getting to your location. But we need your help.


Here’s an excerpt and some great values to live by:

Continually feeding your mind, it’s a way of life
I constantly train my mind
I constantly train my body
I constantly put myself in proximity
I’m constantly looking to add more value to others

That’s what the Yes Group is about for me……….