Richard Wilkins

Richard Wilkins had the lifestyle most people dream of, self made millionaire living in a 35 room mansion.

Overnight Richard crashed from being a millionaire in a mansion to a bankrupt in a bedsit and he hit rock bottom with a bang!

In his own words “I lost a fortune and got a life.” Today Richard runs an organisation called ‘The Ministry of Inspiration’ – “It’s crazy” Richard says, “There was a ministry for every department but inspiration, so we formed our own!”

Richard’s been working in the field of human consciousness for 22 years with spectacular results; he’s appeared many times on national TV, is an international speaker and author. Most of all Richard is proud of the lives he’s touched.

As Richard says “I don’t tell people what to do, we all know what to do, we know we should be happier, more positive, don’t worry, appreciate more, bla bla bla. Our biggest challenge isn’t that we don’t know what to do, its knowing what to do, but still not doing it! I discovered what stops us choosing the life we would choose to live, and being the person we would choose to be. My work is not a copy of the same old stuff, it’s original, fresh, real and above all – it works!”

“I don’t give people more information, we’re informationed out, and I give them transformation which is what they really want. People don’t want someone telling them what they should or shouldn’t be doing, they know that, they want real, they want to meet people who have come though the challenges they have and can say – I’ll show you how to do it.”