Sean Brickell

You know how nervous you can get about making an important presentation, creating a great impression at work, as well as socially and emotionally, and how, if you fail to have the right personal impact, you lose your chance for more pay, a promotion, greater business success, a great friendship or relationship and more. Well, international confidence & communication specialist Seán Brickell gives you some easily accessible, easily applicable and easily achievable practical confidence and communication skills  for when you communicate…skills used effectively in war zones, undercover work and in successful businesses. You’ll discover more about:

  • The 6 Communication Commandments and why you need to use them every day to have an impact that others don’t
  • An insight into audiences that will make you stand out from your peers when presenting
  • How to use Mind Movies to give you greater confidence for key moments in your life
  • How to have conversations that can make you more money and friends
  • The art of networking choreography – moving effectively and impactfully around a room at networking and social events
  • The most deceptively revealing part of your body that you no control over
  • In body language terms, what it means to you if someone is a Waggler, a Nodder, a Swayer or even a Gripper!

Bio: Seán Brickell is the Creator of the Naked Impact confidence and communication training system and is an international speaker, trainer, coach and author on confidence and communication, as well as the founder of an award-winning communications business.

He helps people in organisations around the world strengthen and sustain their practical confidence, communication and personal impact skills so they make a profitable difference, financially and otherwise…and he regularly appears in the media talking about these subjects.

Seán is also an award-winning journalist and broadcaster, having been a network TV newsreader…and the UK’s youngest ever network TV news correspondent, aged just 21. He’s also been an undercover investigative journalist for national newspapers, exposing multimillion pound frauds and, on one occasion, he even went undercover – although not a lot of cover – when he infiltrated a swingers’ orgy! He’s been held at gunpoint a few times by angry men in ugly situations, met and interviewed world leaders, film stars and some of the world’s more bizarre, beastly and beguiling people.

Seán, who’s been a discus and wellington boot throwing champion, has the unique distinction of once having read the national TV news in his underwear….after he lost his trousers in the rush to the studio from a particularly good party!

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