Sindy Kaur

Sindy Kaur

Will be presenting at GoalsettingYES 2018.

“This time next year …”
 Why don’t all our dreams and intentions work?

What keeps us stuck where we are when we know deep down inside that we could be so much more?

Sindy will be sharing:

  • Why what works for other people may not work for you
  • What we need to let go of so we can dance into our new future instead of dragging ourselves there
  • Why how we feel is as important as what we do
  • How the biggest challenges in your life can become powerful stepping stones to an easier, brighter future

The biggest barriers to our success aren’t always what they seem, and the key to unlocking the ball and chain that’s holding you back may be closer than you think.

Sindy Kaur is a thought leader who loves to challenge thinking in a fun and engaging way, and truly believes that once we access our inner ‘magic’ we can totally transform our outer ‘reality’.

As Founder of Challenging Perceptions of Beauty, she is on a mission to change the relationship between women and the beauty industry. Her background in the beauty industry spans more two decades and she spent over 10 years at the HQ of a blue-chip multinational, holding various roles in international marketing, market development, strategic marketing, global brand management and trends prediction.

After leaving the corporate world Sindy trained as a Life Coach and Make-Up Artist to work at a deeper level with women and to understand their relationship with ‘beauty and success’. As well as running a programme for women called ‘Behind the Mask’, she now takes her insights back to the beauty industry by writing articles for brand and marketing teams, and speaking at beauty industry events to influence change.

Sindy leads the YES Group in Nottingham.

Find out more about what Sindy does on her website: Challenging Perceptions of Beauty