YES Group London – July 2018

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Wednesday’s YES Group London was a stimulating, thought provoking event 

Stephen Karbaron gave his YESx talk, sharing his experience of setting an intention to be instrumental in world peace at Tony Robbins’ Date With Destiny event in 2004. He shared the story of how this intention created a series of synchronicities and attracted people into his life, with the same vision. Sharing their passion and ideas has caused this vision to gain momentum and attract more people who want to play a part in creating world peace, which, in our troubled world, is desperately needed. 

Stephen told us that he had come across research by the Global Union of Scientists for Peace, which demonstrated that when a group of people come together and focus on peace as an intention in meditation, the crime rates in the cities where they are meditating drop by as much as 23%. 

With this in mind, he invited us to be part of a worldwide festival, which is taking place on 19th August. Whatever our beliefs, he encouraged us to be peaceful, to do something peaceful on that day, so that our intention and energy can positively effect the vibration of our world and usher in a greater experience of peace. 

A great message and a challenge that we all need to embrace – not just on 19th August but every day. 

Next on stage were Andy Coley and Jo Wilson, shared their experiences of how Neuro Linguistic Programming had changed their lives. It had allowed them to identify belief systems that were keeping them stuck in routines, behaviours and attitudes that were out-dated, or that weren’t even theirs in the first place, absorbed from family beliefs or social conditioning. NLP had helped them to realise this and make new, empowering choices. As a result, they have both  created lives that they truly want making them feel happy and fulfilled, instead of being stuck in an existence that they thought they ‘should’ be living. 

Jo and Andy took us through some great exercises, that helped us to see where we had let our ‘BS’ hold us back. They asked us to remember a time in our childhood (for Jo it had been age 7) where we believed In ourselves and were bold enough to stand up for what we wanted. “What advise do you think your 7 year old self would give you?” She asked. This gave us a brave new perspective. Do you know how imaginative you were as a child? Spider Man one minute, a red Indian the next or even a dinosaur. It was great to reconnect to a time in our lives where we knew everything was possible. The next empowering question they asked us was, “What advise would your 80year old self give you?” Another great perspective, which allowed us to consider that all the big challenges we are facing in our lives, right now, would probably seem small and insignificant at the age of 80. 

It was a very valuable experience, showing that changing our view point can create a very different reality – and that we can choose to do this, any time we want to, taking back control of our lives. 

The final speaker of the evening was the fabulous, Shay Allie, who shared some tools and techniques on, “How to be captivating.” A very interesting speaker, Shay is a barrister, who has her own law practice as well as being an author, a performer and stand up comedienne. She brought this wealth of experience to the stage.

Shay’s opening question was, “Who are you at your best?” To be our most captivating self, we need to know who we are as our best self: confident, happy and relaxed. If we are not at our best, we need to ask ourselves some probing questions: 

  • How satisfied are you with your life, right now.
  • What sort of questions are you asking yourself, daily? (If one is,“What else can go wrong?” change it to, “what if things were going to turn out better than I could imagine?”
  • What beliefs do you hold that are helping/hindering you? 

Shay shared some great confidence building tips, asking us whose confidence we would like to borrow (our favourite actor, singer, celebrity)? What qualities do we most admire and want to develop and what qualities do we most like about ourselves. When we can visualise ourselves embodying those qualities and values we can turn up the volume even more and imagine being the most free version of ourselves. When Shay sings she taps into her alter ego, Ronnie, who helps her perform at her best.  We use our imagination all the time, so why not use it to lift ourselves up, rather than dragging ourselves down?

Creating rapport is also a great way to be captivating. Shay reminded us to treat people like they matter, remembering to be interested in what they are saying, smiling, maintaining great eye contact (not staring), paying the prefect compliment (simple, sincere, respectful, evidence based and with no expectation of getting anything in return) and making the interaction easy for the other person (being collaborative, not combative). 

It was a fun session, with lots of really useful tips and a pleasure to have Shay back on the YES Group London stage. 

If you are a member and couldn’t make it to the event, don’t forget you can enjoy the experience by watching the videos in the members area. 

Join us next month with another great line up of inspiring speakers with the UK’s premier personal development community. You owe it to yourself!