YES Group London – June 2018

Well not even football mania could have stopped the YES Group crowd from enjoying a sizzling hot summer evening. Three incredible speakers led the stage and shared their experience, goals and strategies.

YESx SPEAKER:  Sarah Pratt – Believe In You

First our very own YESx winner Sarah Pratt, started the evening sharing some deep and inspirational learnings of her journey of life.

Oh my, we were all blown away by the wisdom, the vulnerability and the truth that came from Sarah’s talk.   Sarah came on stage and invited us all to see her in her fear, to see her in her love, her courage and her vulnerability.

Four little words “I Believe In You” which Sarah experienced at her first personal development event, shaped her foundation and became more powerful than the words “I love you”. Sarah shared how the words “I love you” had been abused and misused so many times in her life that they no longer held any truth.

We’ve grown up with a dysfunctional idea of what love is because we did not have a chance to experience it fully in the past.  And then that experience becomes our meaning of love – we learn what we live and we live what we are and then end up surrounding ourselves with people who don’t know how to love themselves or anyone around them.

“My mind can’t argue with I Believe in You”

Sarah went on to share how she is now redefining the concept of love after she felt this for the very first time about 6 weeks ago during a therapy session.  During her session the therapist had given Sarah complete presence and she was allowed to be sad, angry, open, loud, happy whilst the therapist sat by her feet and just listened.  “I was blown away by the presence and the fact that someone could just give me the space to be – I had never felt so safe in my whole life”.  It was my first experience of love.

“We can learn something intellectually but until we feel in our body, bones, cells and we don’t know it”

“Since then I have been working on hacking my mind and being present with my feelings.  I realised everything I need isn’t outside of me its inside me”.

Sarah shared how she faces painful situations and invited the audience to face it, to go as deep as you dare to go to understand the self.  This has allowed her to experience her breakthrough.

You were born with two fears, the fear of falling and fear of loud noises.. Everything else is learned and can be transformed and you can learn to deal with it.

“The most powerful words are the words you say to yourself.”

Sarah ended the session with a lovely visualisation.  You can view Sarah’s full talk here:

SPEAKER: Kul Mahay – The Art of Inner Leadership

Our next speaker Kul Mahay danced onto the stage and had us all dancing to some Bhangra moves!. Kul Mahay’s talk was about Inner Leadership.. We’ve had many people grace the YES Group stage talking about Leadership and Kul Mahay was able to deliver his own experience and perspective.

Kul’s dream has always been to help people and despite his parents pushing him to follow a career as a Doctor, Teacher or Lawyer, Kul wanted to serve the community and be a policeman.

Kul had been rejected 26 times when he applied to join the police cadets.  But he continued to persevere and his 27thapplication to join the Derbyshire force was a success.  He learnt that failure was a blessing and that you have to pick yourself up, learn the lessons and continue to aim for your outcome.

Kul served 32 years in the UK Police Service with over 20 years in Leadership roles.  The role had subjected him to deal with challenging, critical and often traumatic situations which had led him to supress his emotions using alcohol and smoking.

Kul quit smoking 14 years ago when his mum died, he gave up drinking overnight and went vegan and focused on health and wellbeing of body and mind.  Kul continued his journey of recovery by digging deep into self awareness and bringing a strong purpose into his life.

“Leadership is not an exclusive subject – we are all leaders”

Everyone is a Leader and leadership is about understanding yourself first before leading others.  We need to manage our inner dialogue and learn how to work with our emotions in a positive way.

“Before we lead others we need to learn to lead ourselves”

Leadership is about every single person in organisation, leading not hierarchical.

Kul left police force 3 years ago and now works with 4 police forces and Derbyshire University teaching Inner Leadership.

Kul shared his 7Cs to Inner Leadership.  For one hour a day be totally and utterly immersed in these 7Cs, it will help transform your life:

  • Commitment to your goal
  • Consistency of actions
  • Constant action
  • Congruency with goal
  • Concerted effort – working with the right people
  • Coring – developing laser-sharp focus
  • Change and the ability to accept is as a norm

Watch the full video on at


Our final speaker of the night Jean-Pierre De Villiers talks about How to Get Out of Your Own Way.  As a High Performance Coach, Jean-Pierre shared some key strategies he has applied in his own life that have helped him and his clients achieve high performance.

Jean-Pierre shared the importance of having standards over accountability, “you don’t need so much accountability as the driving force.  Above accountability comes standards – the higher your standards the less accountability you need”.

Known as the fitness guy, the energy guy, the no excuses guy – what sums up everything he does are the 3 letters on his T-Shirt – WIT.

Jean-Pierre explained that in life he does whatever it takes, to serve to be a better leader, better husband to his wife, better brother, everything he does is always about not settling.

Jean-Pierre is a massive fan of Nelson Mandela, who spent 27 years in prison and came out to lead his country.  He lives by the quote: “There is no passion to be found in living a life that you are less than capable of living”.   The quote inspires him to always live up to his capabilities.

This drives him to always ask the question “What if” – what if I could be a little bit fitter, what if I could be happier.  “I question everything”, says Jean-Pierre.  “Not because I’m better than anyone here – through doing work in my life and whatever it takes I have gotten to a point where I am a brilliant (not perfect) student to life”.  We all are a brilliant light bulb shining.  You don’t have to be at the top to shine a light you can shine it from where you are.

Jean-Pierre spoke at the YES Group 4 years ago for one of this very first talks – and since then he is a very different person having always increased his standards.

He challenged that every person in this room could be better.  Everyone that’s leading from the front recognises that they can be better.  We believes that have to keep evolving, change comes from breakthroughs but also comes from breakdowns.

Jean-Pierre quoted Dr John Demartini’s message from last month’s meeting where he said that we must embrace both the light and the dark within us.  Life will throw us back into balance.

A message shared several times during the evening is to EMBRACE FAILURE.  You are going to fail and I hope failure comes to you sooner than later. Because whatever you go through you grow through.    Your brain doesn’t care what you want- it cares about your survival.  It tells you to stay where you are, tells you stories. In your heart that stuff does not live.

You need to be realistic, you can do anything you want to do.  Give yourself permission and step out of your own way.  Surround yourself with the right people and go in the right direction.

What do we need to do to raise our standards to give you your super hero status?

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Authenticity
  • Honesty
  • Faith
  • Gratitude
  • Belief

“Fitness gives us all of our standards”

Fitness is the greatest anti-depressant in the world.  When you are part of a fitness culture you are part of a happy culture.  Get out and move your body – it doesn’t cost you anything,  If you leave this room and you do not move every single day of your life you are compromising on your capability.

The greatest way to inspire is to live your life and inspire.  I walk my talk!  I don’t claim to be perfect but I am totally out of my way.


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