YES Group London – March 2018

The YES Group London knew they were going to enjoy an exceptional evening on Wednesday because the “Boys were back in Town”. Former YES Group Chair, Ian Young and former Vice Chair, Allan Kleynhans were coming to rock the house, along with 90’s DJ Legend, Brandon Block.


Brandon Block – YESx Speaker

We were not disappointed. Brandon – in his first official speaking role – shared how his DJ lifestyle created a serious drug addiction, which seriously affected his health and nearly cost him his life. He was diagnosed with hepatitis, TB and kidney and lung problems and given two weeks to live. Brandon checked himself into a hospital and started the journey to become clean of his drug addiction. After going through rehabilitation, he wanted to give back, to help people who were still suffering from drug addictions and show them it was possible to get their lives back. That’s when he started the next stage of his journey where he learned it wasn’t as easy as just telling people what to do. He took an NVQ level 2 qualification which enabled him to understand that everyone’s experience of beating their addictions is different. Brandon learned to walk alongside the people he wanted to help, empowering them and helping them develop autonomy for their rehabilitation, instead of imposing his own perspective on them. He spent seven years working in the NHS, helping to change lives.

As well as sharing his inspiring story, Brandon introduced us to a tool, called, “A to E,” which helps us, step by step, to change unhelpful ingrained, patterns of thought and emotion that cause us to react negatively to an event or situation. He reminded us that, “People are not disturbed by things but by their view of things.” The question that app asks helps you to consider your response to a situation and choose a better option, rather than just having a knee jerk reaction. A very useful technique.


Allan Kleynhans – The Power of Your Message

Allan Kleynhans was up next, reminding us of the power of our story; everyone has been through unique experiences in their lives that can offer hope, inspire or empower, when they are shared. A world class speaker with nearly two decades in the personal development arena, Allan knows what he is talking about and is a great role model for our community, speaking from his heart with a great desire to make a positive difference in the people’s lives.

With our YESx Speaker Event coming up in April, where YES Group members can take their first steps in public speaking, Allan held the attention of every aspiring speaker in the room, by sharing wisdom that takes a person from polished presenter, to life changing leader. He reminded us that when we share a message, we need to focus on what’s in it for the audience and be ‘out there’ with them, rather than being caught up in our heads and the worries generated by our ego, because, when you share a message, you want your audience to be saying, “Me, too!” not, “So, what?”

“Practice, practice, practice!” were his final words of advice for becoming a great speaker. He left us feeling that it was possible to achieve that goal and enthusiastic about taking the challenge. The prize for winning the YESx speaker event is Allan’s 5-day speaker training, so it’s well worth facing the fear of public speaking – and as it will be with the support and encouragement of the YES Group community, you couldn’t be in a better environment to take those first steps.


Ian Young – Heaven on Earth – #Who’sYourTwo

The evening concluded with Ian Young’s interactive session: Heaven on Earth. Ian, who is already making such a big difference in people’s lives, through his companies Sober Services and Sober Academy, shared a vision of a new and inspiring story of humanity. Instead of living in a sense of judgement and separation, of fear and suffering, what if we created a new shared purpose, a new model of existence and a new meaning for our lives? What if we became an active participant in the evolution of the human family?

Ian acknowledged that, for many, the concept of Heaven on Earth can feel a fantasy, naïve or too far out of reach. When we are constantly bombarded with stories that have such a negative slant, it is understandable that people feel helpless and hopeless. The big picture view of such a vision can seem overwhelming but Ian encouraged us to believe that, “The energy of a planetary commitment to a shared goal can and will, in the gentlest of ways, overcome the sternest of obstacles.”

He joked that if we think we are too small to be effective, we had clearly never slept in a room with a mosquito. His approach to this world mission was typically humorous, playful and practical, helping us to realise we can bring this grand vision into being. He shared that if we each inspired two people to be a part of the vision of Heaven on Earth, they, in turn inspired another two people, and so on, within 32 days, we would have reached the whole planet. Now that’s an attainable (utterly compelling) goal, isn’t it?

So, if you haven’t started to do your part yet, let’s get on it, today! #Who’sYourTwo?


See you in April after Tony Robbins’ UPW!